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Three decades of Haute Parfumerie

More than a quarter of a century ago, in 1989, the concept of Haute Parfumerie Place Vendôme originated amid a fierce competition to trivialize traditional perfumery.

The result of this trivialization was that perfumers, through sheer commercial motives, forced consumers to wear perfume devoid of quality and stripped of creativity.

A mediocre product is simply a product without value. 

Our values

The philosophy of Place Vendôme rests on three values without any deviation:


Each client has their own emotions, their own reality, their own intimate desires. We devote particular attention to this in order to analyze their expectations and translate them into perfume. We want the customer to come to us for what he/she/they need, but to leave with what he/she/they dream of.


A knowledge of raw materials and the workings of a product are essential. We offer quality products and not just marketing products. We cultivate a genuine proximity to the product.


Products must be discovered and experienced in the best possible way. If the product experience is outstanding, luxury becomes food for the soul.

Behind Place Vendôme

david depuydt

steven verstraete

Kiara Detavernier

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